Explore Bankruptcy Options in Beaverton, OR

Explore Bankruptcy Options in Beaverton, OR

See if Chapter 12 bankruptcy is right for you

Chapter 12 bankruptcy is beneficial for a specific group of people. This type of bankruptcy was designed for family farmers, fishermen and others with seasonal income. As long as you have enough income to keep up with your repayment plan, this type of bankruptcy may be right for you. Troutman Law Firm PC can help you with Chapter 12 bankruptcy in Beaverton, OR. Our lead attorney will guide you through the filing process.

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What to expect after filing for bankruptcy

Are you considering filing for Chapter 12 bankruptcy? Once the process begins, you'll:

  • Have an automatic stay placed on your accounts
  • Meet with creditors and a trustee about your finances
  • Begin making payments to the trustee based on a court-approved plan

You'll make payments over the course of three to five years to alleviate debt and repay creditors. If you have any questions about this process, speak with a Chapter 12 bankruptcy attorney today.